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Special Thanks and Sponsors

I’d like to thank the Training Spot Gyms in Huntington Beach, CA, owned by Paul and Carolyn Fetters.
The best Personal Trainers, Boot Camps, Nutrition Experts, and creators of the TakeDown Challenge in the WEST!

The Tspot TakeDown™ Challenge is a comprehensive 4 week nutrition program designed to help you jumpstart your body into losing 12-24 lbs and 5-15% body fat –guaranteed!

During these 4 weeks in May, the TSpot participants were able to select a charity, donate $1 for each pound lost. A fabulous group selected to support research and finding a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. As if that wasn’t enough, the Fetters MATCHED their donations. THANK YOU- Shawn, her Mother Virginia, and the PanCan Action Network!


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